Want to win a key for the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War beta? Join us tonight!


The release of a new Call of Duty is always an event in the gaming industry. Look, we get it. If you’re not a fan of that fast, frenetic, addictive multiplayer then you’re going to roll your eyes at a new annual entry. If that’s you, then kindly leave the room because the rest of us want to have fun. With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War just over a month away, developers Treyarch and publisher Activision are rolling out a series of beta tests to gain feedback from dedicated fans who adore the series. The first round of beta testing starts this evening at 19:00 and it’s closed to anyone that doesn’t have an access code. Fortunately for us (and, by extension, you), we have five we’re not really using…

It’s getting Cold in here

So rather than just sitting on those PS4 beta keys, we thought we’d do everyone a solid and offer folks a chance to win one! If you want to experience Black Ops: Cold War (which, based on our time with the alpha, is shaping up to be a tremendous amount of fun) before the rest of the general public then you’ll need a beta key to access it this weekend. Kicking off today, the closed beta will run from 8 October at 19:00 CAT through the weekend to finish on Monday, 12 October.

So if you want to stand a chance at winning one of these PS4 keys, all you need to do is join the StuffPlays team tonight on Twitch, as they check out the closed beta and follow the channel! Make sure you engage with chat so we know who’s actually tuned in because at the end of the stream we’ll randomly select five viewers and send them a code. It’s that easy — all you need to do is come hang out with us on Twitch!

Go ahead and follow StuffPlays on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook if you want to keep up to date with all future streams. We’ll see you there tonight at 19:00 CAT!



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