David Attenborough is the fastest person to hit one million followers on Instagram


I love waking up on Monday to be greeted with good news. It’s the start of a new week, we’re all disappointed that we didn’t actually have enough time to do everything we wanted to on the weekend and the last thing anyone feels like doing is heading back to the office. Yet some of the pain can be softened by checking out some feel good news and this story is one such remedy. Over the weekend, Sir David Attenborough stepped out of his comfort zone, which is already fairly vast, and made an Instagram account and while there’s currently only four posts, he’s managed to break records as the fastest account to hit one million followers.

Which is just really sweet, you know? We at Stuff aren’t ones to be enamoured by celebrity but we’d give our left bum cheek just to shake Sir David Attenborough’s hand. The 94 year old man is one of the most important people alive today and has done wonders in promoting conservation and environmentalism around the world. There are hardly any folks who didn’t watch one of his documentaries at school and while other presenters might have left the class feeling bored, Attenborough just holds a room’s attention like no other.

His account, which can be found here, was created as way for the legendary radio and TV presenter to spread his message further than ever before and it turns out, he’s doing exactly that. Hitting one million followers in just four hours and 44 minutes, beating Jennifer Aniston’s previous record of five hours, 16 minutes back in October of last year. Nothing against Jen, but seeing people care more for a nonagenarian who just really likes animals and wants to save the world… well, it just gives a young cynic like me some hope.

Since the account was created a few days ago, it’s already sitting on 4.5 million followers. David Attenborough’s newest documentary, A Life on Our Planet is set to debut on Netflix this October and if it’s anything like the dozens of other documentaries he’s been involved with, it should be a captivating watch with truly gorgeous visuals.

(Source: BBC News)


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