You may soon be able to log into WhatsApp’s desktop app with your fingerprint


There are two things nearly every person in the world has in their possession. One of those is a unique set of fingerprints and the other is the WhatsApp Desktop client. Well, at least the first half of that last sentence is true. While we might all have fingerprints, some of us have been slow on adopting the desktop version of WhatsApp, a form of the app which means that escaping people constantly sending you text messages is even more difficult! While the desktop app is functionally identical to the mobile app, there are some key differences, particularly in how you log in. Fortunately, according to reports out of WABetaInfo, there might be a less clunky way of logging into your WhatsApp desktop account and it involves those fingerprints I was just talking about.

See, the way users currently log into WhatsApp’s desktop client is via QR code scanner built into the mobile version but that’s so 2014. Who even users QR codes these days? Irreverent hipsters trying to drop clues to some underground coffee shop that’s only frequented by four people, two of which are friends so they get their drinks for free, that’s who. Knowing that, it sounds like the Facebook owned instant messaging app will soon be implementing a fingerprint authenticator as a means of logging in that will, reportedly, work in a similar fashion to the current QR code system.

Image Credit: WABetaInfo

It’s a small convenience that I think will add up over time. Being able to just scan a fingerprint rather than going through the effort of snapping a code displayed on your PC with your phone is just more efficient. It’s also way safer as if your phone is stolen, the thieves will need to jump through some extra hoops to get into your private messages and that’s always a good thing.

We have no idea when WhatsApp is planning on rolling the feature into the current build of WhatsApp but if it’s in beta then it may be sooner than expected. At least, that’s always the hope for when things are in beta.

(Source: TNW)


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