In this Issue: Stuff’s Go Outdoors Issue


It’s a good time to go outdoors. (Terms and conditions apply)

We’re all about tech in all of the various aspects of life but some of those aspects are more obvious than others. Kitchen tech? Sure. Lounge? Of course. Car. Obviously. Garden? Yeah, that one’s often overlooked. Until now, that is. It’s almost spring, the sun’s on its way back, that dastardly winter is retreating into the distance — it’s time to plant some things. But using technology, because we’ve come a long way when it comes to garden work.

Whether it’s lawns that mow themselves (okay, robots are involved), gardens that grow themselves (you’ll have to do a little watering) or automating your garden entirely (hopefully you’ve got a massive bank account, this issue’s got what you need to turn your garden into the envy of… well, everyone, really. 

Hot off the tech presses is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra — plus, you know, everything else the company has announced and/or launched in the last few weeks. We’ve poked and prodded and taken our first looks in Stuff #107 — find all the details you’re expecting (and a few more besides) in this issue. For extra points, read it while you’re sitting in your newly-technological garden.

Asus has a contender for the most undercover gaming notebook we’ve seen since RGB lights took on mass importance — its new ROG Zephyrus G14 is a beast of a machine concealed behind a whole lot of metal. Which is how we like our beasts, incidentally: stealthy, powerful and packing more metal than a German music festival. Seriously, though, the G14 will change the way you game (plus you can pretend you bought it for ‘serious’ work).

But wait, there’s (always) more. We’ve got a pair for cameras aimed at the vloggers out there… and we’re all vloggers now. That’s how we’re supposed to meet people. Whether you’re a fan of the Fuji or a Sony stan, Stuff’s got something for you. Both are feature-rich and designed to be used for video. Which is better? That all depends on just how many products you’re holding up in front of the lens — the Sony ZV-1 and the Fuji X-T200 are both in Stuff #107, just waiting for your attention.

As ever, there’s more. Far, far more than we can detail here on this page. That’s why we had to detail them on 104 pages, covering everything from the hottest new upcoming tech to more tests than you’re expecting (seriously, we didn’t even have enough space to list them all in the magazine) — favourites like the Top 10s (which are due a heavy refresh from the pending year-end tech deluge — catch that in our next issue), Gadget Doctor, Upvoted (we know you’re about to start taking the bicycle out, yeah?) and easy ways to upgrade the tech you’ve already got. It’s all the stuff you’re expecting, it’s more stuff than you were looking for, this issue of Stuff is just stuffed with… well, stuffed with Stuff. Get your issue today


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