This is not a drill, everyone stay calm. Fable is back on the Xbox Series X.


After having put dozens of hours into the Xbox 360’s Fable 2 and…less hours into Fable 3, it feels like we’ve been waiting ages to finally get back to Albion and weave our own adventure once again. Ten long years since then, and that dream will finally be a reality.

And who will be the hero of our tale?

Maybe it’s still a bit too early to get over-excited. We actually know very little about the upcoming fantasy RPG, simply titled Fable. It’s safe to say that Playground Games’ take on the iconic universe will most likely be a reboot of sorts, which is fine. Just…do us all a favour and bring that voice cast back? Get Stephen Fry and John Cleese to play some folks. Not necessarily their original characters but just…have them be around, please?

The teaser trailer, which was really just a brief cinematic showing off gorgeous visuals, a whimsical fairy and hungry frog, was enough to tickle our fancy though. Given that a new Fable game has been rumoured for a few years now, it’s really encouraging to see Microsoft actually give fans what they’ve been asking for.

We have no idea when we can expect Fable to release but it’s a pretty safe bet that it’ll be an Xbox Series X title and that it will probably be available on PC and through Game Pass too. Talk about fostering a healthy user ecosystem.

(Source: The Verge)


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