No Man’s Sky turns to horror with the Desolation update


Before we delve into this story, we’d like to take a second to remember and mourn the Dead Space series. Fantastic horror games that unfortunately devolved into co-op action shooters, there was nothing like Dead Space. Visceral, freaky, disgusting and some of the most tense horror we’ve experienced playing and reviewing video games, nothing has managed to come close to the outright terror that was Dead Space.

Yet that’s not stopping No Man’s Sky from giving it a go.

Event Horizon

A game that’s as much a “Zero to Hero” story as Disney’s Hercules, the game that started out as one of the most disappointing in history to a lot of players has turned itself around with years of updates and post-launch content. No Man’s Sky is a fundamentally different experience at this point and it’s clearly looking at continuing its upward trend with the Desolation Update, a patch that’s taking more than a few cues from Dead Space and Alien.

Players will now encounter abandoned, derelict ships floating in space. Upon venturing inside, a host of creepy discoveries await including flickering lights, failed life support systems and some kind of alien egg nest that just look…gross. Probably best to not touch those things.

These abandoned ships are procedurally generated, meaning no two ships will be the same. They’ll all have different layouts, disasters and loot to find; some might even be littered with rogue security drones to battle. Beyond this very cool addition to the game, some minor tweaks to the inventory and customisation systems for capital ships and some overhauled lighting effects await you intrepid space explorers.

If you haven’t played No Man’s Sky or only played it when it launched back in 2016 (when it was a steaming pile of horse poo), we definitely recommend taking another swing at the game. It’s come a long way and has more than enough content and variety to keep you invested for hours on end. Hell, there’s even an all right narrative now, something which was non-existent when the game launched.

(Source: The Verge)


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