In this Issue: Stuff Magazine’s Stay Indoors Issue


It’s a good time to stay indoors. 

It feels good to be back. That’s right, Stuff Magazine is back after being knocked off course (along with the rest of the planet) by the global pandemic. It’s taken a lot of getting used to, making a magazine without being in the same room as the rest of the team. Putting together these pages tends to be more personal than you’d expect. Still, if remote working is good enough for much of the rest of the planet, who are we to argue?

And it’s the pandemic that’s foremost on our minds with the current issue of the magazine. So much so that we’ve put together many, many good reasons to stay inside, far away from everything that might complicate life. In a way. From streaming to podcasts, from new TVs and projector tech (for your game consoles, of course), the best audio (huge chunks of) money can buy to making sure that you’re able to work from home, we’ve got all the reasons why there’s not place like home. 

It’s not always a grand idea to sit at home in front of a screen. Sometimes there’s baking involved, which at least results in cake or sourdough bread, but for mental exercise, there’s not much that can beat the engineering feats a good set of Lego provides. We run down a whole mess of the best sets available today. If a large Lego dinosaur or a humongous Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer can’t lift your mood… well, there are a few more sets for you to try before you have to worry.

But we get that you might be concerned with the state of things in general, right down to the air that you’re breathing. Make sure that your home is a safe space by checking out our Upvoted collection of air purifiers. Some are only designed to rid your home of dust and scents, others take down bacteria and even viruses using advanced filters and other technological features.

And there’s always more to see in each issue of Stuff. Our Stay Indoors issue has more tests than you’re expecting, favourites like the Top 10 section (handy now that stores are open again), as well as helpful explainers on how to get your podcast on, now that we’re all supposed to keep our distances. Gotta get that social contact in somehow, right? Smarter cities, VR headsets (cos this reality sucks a little right now), and a very early look at Sony’s PlayStation 5 are just a few of the things you’ll find in this month’s StuffGet yours today


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