You’ll now be able to add WhatsApp contacts with a QR code, but is this safe?


Adding a contact to your WhatsApp will become even easier, thanks to a new feature. Not that anyone felt it necessary, or needed in any way, except if you own a business, right?

You’ll soon be able to scan another user’s QR code to add them to your contacts, no more typing in a phone number manually. WhatsApp tested this feature a few months ago, and we’re not convinced that this is the safest way forward.

Although it sounds like a user-friendly feature, it may put people at risk of having their WhatsApp accounts shared with people they don’t necessarily want to share it with. Will this open the gates fro creeps to acquire people’s phone numbers? Possibly. Adding someone’s number to your phone has never been easier, quite literally. 

“To make it easier to add new contacts, WhatsApp is introducing a new QR code capability,” Engadget reports. Honestly, we want to know who has ever wanted to make adding contacts an easier process. We’ve always been completely comfortable with the secure process. 

Obviously, someone in the dev team at Facebook/WhatsApp thought that the process needed to be streamlined. Not only that, but WhatsApp will finally get animated stickers, and the ability to maximise one person’s video in a group call. 


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