Test your anxiety levels with Google’s self-assessment feature


Look, it’s okay to be having loads of those ding-dang intrusive thoughts lately. Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine going through a single hour without a spike in anxiety levels. While some are fortunate enough to be able to talk to a therapist online, plenty of folks don’t have such resources at their disposal. Anxiety is a tricky thing, with plenty of people often confused by whether or not they’re even experiencing it. Fortunately, if you’re stuck in that kind of position, then Google’s new search engine feature will allow users to determine their levels of anxiety.

The assessment in question, which you can access here if you don’t feel like opening another tab, is a standard Generalised Anxiety Disorder-7 assessment, or GAD-7 test. If you search for anything anxiety related using Google, a handy little section of the “knowledge” panel will display the short, seven-part quiz so that users will be met first-hand with the valuable information they seek.

It’s not just any random collection of anxiety-related questions, it’s a psychologically approved questionnaire that many practicing therapists often use on patients exhibiting signs of an anxiety disorder. So it’s pretty cool that it’s right there for everyone to access and use. Google has also made it clear that any data submitted to the assessment will not be collected by the company so as to ensure the safety of everyone’s private information.

Working together with the The National Alliance on Mental Illness, this isn’t the first time Google has set up a means for people to easily self-assess themselves through the search engine. Surveys on depression and PTSD can also be found under the “knowledge” panel if they’re searched for. Unfortunately, this anxiety assessment system is only available to users in the USA but Google states that they’re looking at rolling it out globally in due time.

(Source: Engadget)


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