Wear a mask in your Uber or risk being banned from the app


While Uber has been very strict on its drivers, it has implemented far less stringent restrictions for riders using the app. People taking advantage of Uber’s service in these trying times have to follow precautions like sitting in the backseat and wearing a mask, but it’s not like they have a lot to lose if they don’t abide by these measures. Well, that used to be true. It turns out Uber drivers are now able to report passengers and, with enough violations, eventually ban them from the app entirely.

If you take your mask off mid-ride or enter the vehicle without one at all, drivers now have the ability to report your profile through their version of the app. One violation isn’t too big a deal, but you will still earn yourself a harshly worded email from Uber. Yet if you continue that inconsiderate behaviour and you rack up enough reports then you’ll be faced with a ban from the service. Whether this is a lifetime ban or just a short ban until things calm down around the world is currently unknown but we doubt you’d want to test which is the case, would you?

So just keep that mask on, even if you’re sitting in the backseat and you’ve got the windows wide open. Why would you risk being banned when all you have to do is wear a little mask?

(Source: TNW)


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