The latest Instagram update lets you delete comments in bulk


In a bid to fight the seemingly never-ending battle against online bullying and spam links, Instagram is now enabling a “mass delete” feature for comments while also implementing a system to pin comments you appreciate and control who can tag and mention you in other posts.

Considering how Instagram is a medium that’s predominately focused on visual aesthetics above all else, it makes sense that online bullying would become such a prevalent problem on the platform. Despite a robust set of privacy rules and moderation policies, the app is still rife with very small people mocking others through comments and tags. It’s a problem that Instagram has made clear it’s very dedicated to tackling, something that’s obvious in the latest update for the app which allows users to mass-delete comments.

Alongside releasing the fifth iteration of their community standards guidelines, the option to delete comments in bulk is designed to combat those that would spam posts with derogatory and degrading comments. You’ll now be able to delete 25 comments at once which is nice, we guess. Still, that doesn’t really solve the problem, just the symptom. This bulk content moderation now also applies to blocking and restricting the users behind said comments.

To promote a more positive approach to the Instagram app, you’ll now also be able to pin positive comments so they’re the first you’ll see on your posts. The ability to limit who can tag and mention you in other Instagram posts has also been added, hopefully cutting down on spam as well as the sharing of harmful images and posts. Good on you, Instagram! Long way to go and all that but still a step in the right direction!

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