Here are the upcoming games that will be optimised for the Xbox Series X console


The upcoming next-gen consoles have (partly) been announced and we’re finally getting some Xbox Series X game announcements. Yesterday, Microsoft detailed some of the first games that will be optimised for the Xbox Series X console. And they all look very cool indeed. 

The company showed off gameplay from 13 upcoming games that will head to the console after it launches end of this year. The announcement event showed off some cinematic trailers of a variety of third-party games, our favourite of which is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. A letdown during the whole event was the lack of actual gameplay footage, what it will look like on the upcoming console, which includes RTX graphics and 8K output. What we got was some fancy cinematic stuff that looks good, but we would’ve liked to see more actual gameplay. 

We’re also expecting a bigger reveal of Halo Infinite, which will probably be the flagship launch title for the Series X, but we’ll only see that one later this year in a separate event we reckon. 

All of the Xbox Series X-optimised titles announced donned a special badge at the launch stream last night. What this badge means is that those games will be optimised for the new console, including 4K support at up to 120fps, DirectStorage support, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and faster load times. 

Here are the thirteen titles Microsoft announced last night: 


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