Tom Cruise working on first movie filmed in space, helped by NASA


The set for this presumably massively expensive film will be the constantly orbiting International Space Station. If this movie sees the light of day it’ll be the first production to ever actually be filmed in space, which will certainly be cool for everyone involved but will it seem all that different to audiences?

Humans love a spot of sci-fi. It’s such a broad genre filled with exciting visions into the future that allow us to better understand the present. Films like Gravity and Interstellar were praised for their (generally) accurate renditions of cosmic exploration but those phonies never even left the atmosphere! Tom Cruise doesn’t want to be a phoney. No, he wants to be real. Thus, he’s enlisted the help of NASA to create the first movie ever actually filmed in space.

The news comes from Deadlinewho reported that NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed the existence of the project but was pretty shady on the details. He did, however, confirm that the production would be filmed on the International Space Station. Tom Cruise has pulled off some pretty spectacular stunts for his past movies, especially in the Mission: Impossible franchise, so flying to space should be a walk in the park for him.

When NASA was pushed for more details on the project, the refused to comment, stating that they would reveal more information when it was appropriate to do so. Who knows when that will be, but it’ll certainly be cool for the cast and crew involved in the production. Tom Cruise must also be psyched to get closer to the aliens that govern Scientology, but we’re sure that’s just a bonus to breaking an off-world record.


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