Sir David Attenborough is teaching kids geography online through BBC’s Bitesize Daily initiative


The Man with the Golden Voice and the patience of a saint might be too old to go climbing up trees in the jungle but he still knows how to teach people around the world. In this case, David Attenborough is teaching kids all about geography through online videos and courses designed to keep them thinking during quarantine.

Okay, so a bit of a forewarning before we get too deep into this very cool piece of news: You’ll need a VPN to access Bitesize Daily‘s video content. The biggest education initiative in the history of the BBC, Bitesize Daily is a website designed to teach children their school curriculum, for free, using online courses. Since it’s a website based in the UK, you’ll have to mess around with your region to access the courses but it’s well worth the effort because Sir David Attenborough is back in the teacher’s chair and that’s really cool, actually.

Look, we don’t know if Sir Attenborough was ever actually a teacher but we watched enough of his older documentaries at school for him to least be classified as an honorary assistant teacher. Bitesize Daily has a range of courses, over 200, for kids aged 3 all the way to grade 10. In assembling these lessons the BBC has gone out of their way to recruit some notable celebrities to at least hold the attention of your bored kids. Sir David Attenborough will have several courses on geography, Sergio Aguero, footballer for Manchester City will be giving Spanish lessons and Professor Brian Cox will be teaching science concepts like gravity and force.

The cool thing about Bitesize Daily is that the lessons will be updated every weekday, so there’s always new content to process and learn. The whole thing is free too and while using a VPN might be a pain in the neck the content on offer here is genuinely fantastic. We’d say it’s well worth the effort. The lessons have been developed by over 200 qualified teachers who’ll even be conducting actual lessons over on BBC iPlayer which will also require a VPN to operate.


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