Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is out now, but only on PlayStation 4


The highly acclaimed single-player campaign for 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 has received a graphic glow up, just don’t get too excited if you’re someone who doesn’t own a PS4 because you’ll have to wait a little longer than the Sony fans for this one.

We all remember the time we first heard the phrase, “Remember, no Russian.” It’s become one of the more iconic lines in video game culture largely because of the brutality associated with the following level. And because the game it was attached to is still one of the most beloved entries in the largest game franchise in the world.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was huge back in 2009 and fans have been begging for a spruced up, technically modernised version of the game for years now. Fortunately for them, that’s exactly what they’re getting.

Leaked a few days back and officially announced last night, Activision has given Modern Warfare a graphics overhaul to help fans relive their favourite missions with a shiny new coat of paint. The remaster comes with HDR, Ultra-wide monitor support, 4K resolution and an uncapped frame rate meaning the campaign has never looked better. It’s just the campaign though, so bear that in mind. Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer and co-op Spec Ops mode haven’t made the remastered jump just yet.

The other slightly irritating news is that it’s currently only available on PS4 from today, with the PC and Xbox One releases following on 30 April, 2020. This is due to that timed-exclusivity deal between PlayStation and Activision but at least it’s only a month, right? Purchasing Modern Warfare 2 remastered will also net you a cosmetic pack for Modern Warfare 2019, so if the incentive of playing a beloved shooter again isn’t enough at least there’s also that.


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