Supersonic announce bespoke “work from home” Internet packages


The fibre and broadband service provider, Supersonic, has confirmed that some new packages are specifically targeted at businesses that have a displaced workforce. It hopes that these deals might encourage more people to self-isolate to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

With more and more people choosing to work from home in the midst of a (potential) shutdown of the country, plenty of us are looking to our internet service providers and wondering whether or not they have any plans to help those of us stuck inside with our constant online surfing. Yet for businesses, the need for employees to have Internet access is more important than ever, especially considering how far and wide many of them are scattered. Fortunately, Supersonic has a plan. Several, in fact.

To accommodate businesses that have been forced to implement a “work from home” strategy in these times of pandemic, Supersonic has announced a new bespoke range of Internet packages to ensure that employees can stay online and work effectively. The packages are listed below:

30GB F-LTE 30/30GB anytime/night-time + Router R249 per month
60GB F-LTE 60/60GB anytime/night-time + Router R399 per month
100GB F-LTE 100/100GB anytime/night-time + Router R599 per month
150GB F-LTE 150/150GB anytime/night-time + Router R799 per month
200GB F-LTE 200/200GB anytime/night-time + Router R999 per month


And for those of you that need to make plenty of phone calls a day, Supersonic has you covered on that front too:

Voice 1000 1000 inclusive minutes to any SA destination plus handset* R299 per month
Voice 2000 2000 inclusive minutes to any SA destination plus handset* R499 per month


“Remote access is not a new concept although businesses operating with an entirely remote workforce is,” said Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic in a press release. “Fortunately, we’re in the business of connecting people as simply and as efficiently as possible, so we’re able to create and launch these specific products to meet a dire need for companies to – under the circumstances, operate ‘business as usual’ as much as possible,” he continued.

So if you’re an employer that desperately needs to get their workforce online as they work from the comfort of their own homes, maybe consider checking in with Supersonic because from what we’ve seen, these deals are actually pretty decent. Vumatel also announced that it will increase fibre-to-the-home speeds at no extra cost for two months.


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