Get ready for a Wall-E future with Segway’s S-Pod mobile chair


So you think you’ve seen lazy, have you? Well, 2020’s going to prove you wrong. Even though we really, really wish it wouldn’t. Segway, the company that made the product of the same name, has something new coming: the S-Pod.

Wait, what?

The Segway S-Pod’s title doesn’t do much to explain what the tech actually is. Sadly, a quick glance at the so-called ‘vehicle’ makes its purpose clear. It’s a consumer-focused chair that also doubles as a self-balancing mode of transport. Well that’s… certainly… novel.

To be (a little) fair to this product, the S-Pod’s stated purpose is to help folks get around large places like amusement parks, airports — anywhere with a whole lot of walking. To that end, the S-Pod is going on sale to businesses who may want them from the third quarter of 2020. Which may sound like they’ve done due diligence on what purpose these monstrosities will be put to but, alas… they’re also going to sell these 40km/h armchairs to anyone who wants one from 2021. Remember hoverboards? Imagine that, but lazier.

Welcome to the (dystopian) future

This means in just a few short years we can look forward to people trundling these things up and down shopping aisles and generally getting in the way of people who don’t see the point in doing their shopping sitting down. We’ve seen this movie, it ends with floating screens and hover-chairs (see above). You can’t tell us someone won’t immediately install a TV in one. It’ll happen.

We’re not saying that everyone using a Segway S-Pod, which steers using a joystick or ‘knob’ rather than the company’s traditional method of letting users throw their weight around, will be a lazy git. But we’re willing to bet that there will be far more lazy people with money than little old ladies with fragile bones using these things when they hit the real world. Not least of all because you don’t put little old ladies with fragile bones on two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicles.

And if you’re keen on one? Like we said, 2021 looks to be your year. Pricing isn’t available yet but since the more traditional-style Segway will run you R40k, it might be time to start saving.

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