Xbox continues its strange naming convention, reveals the Series X console for 2020


We can all agree that Xbox’s name choices for consoled have been rather erratic in the past. It is kind of expected coming from a company that followed Windows 3 with Windows 95 and Windows Vista with Windows 7. Microsoft is a place where names for products are randomly pulled out of a hat, it seems. 

We were excited to see what Xbox does with its next-gen console, up until now it has only been known as ‘Xbox Scarlett’. At the Game Awards last night (or early this morning if you’re in SA), Xbox finally revealed its new console planned for 2020 — the Xbox Series X. Are you confused? 

We’re confused. Xbox made a statement earlier this year, saying that the next Xbox will be ‘adequately named’. Erm…

On to the good stuff

Anyway, the Series X looks extremely cool. Xbox has gone for a more ‘PC Tower’ look than previous iterations, and it kinda looks like a little server box. Considering the Xbox doubles as a media station, the Series X will look hella good with your home entertainment setup. 

The console will be powered by an AMD processor, built on the latest Zen 2 and “next-generation” RDNA architecture. Supporting that will be GDDR6 memory, and a “next-generation” solid-state drive (Microsoft is on that ‘next-gen’ bandwagon, we see). The console will also support 4K or 8K resolution output, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and variable refresh rate. 

We’re so ready to see more leaks on hardware, specs and planned titles for the platform. Xbox said that the console will be completely backwards-compatible, so you’ll have plenty of options to play at launch. Halo Infinite will be the launch title for the Series X. Expect to see it launch close to December next year. 

Source: Xbox Newsroom


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