Castle Lite introduces their new 250ml bottle


With the ambition of being the most progressive beer brand on the African continent, Castle Lite partnered with the inaugural New York Runway ZA to serve innovation, design and extra cold refreshment by launching its new 250ml bottle in style – marking their journey into the design space.

The new bottle is not only functional, in that its size means that you get to enjoy your beer extra cold to the last drop at any occasion; but it is also aesthetically pleasing as well. Beautifully designed to represent the brand’s new design passion point, the bottle boasts indentations around the neck.

This move is a natural progression for Castle Lite, whose reputation for Extra Cold innovation is well-founded. Since the brand’s inception in 1994, it has been synonymous with not only being the torch-bearer in innovation but also for being urban pop culture champions.

The brand also collaborated with multiple award-winning rappers, Rouge to introduce the new bottle size to the market. The rapper was so inspired by the bottle and the brand’s journey that she, together with Simon Ringrose, created a song for the new 250ml. The song has become the official soundtrack of the 250ml bottle, featuring in the TV ad which is flighted across Africa and was the soundtrack to the New York Runway ZA takeover.

In the TV commercial, Castle Lite also makes its commitment to design and innovation prominent by featuring an epic robot arm which the brand commissioned from Cape Town-based special effects and fabrication company, Gravitron.

The robot is a first of its kind in Africa, weighs a whopping 500kg and took four weeks to construct. It makes use of a hydraulic system to deliver finer movements and precise smooth motion.

Air was used for the robot’s fingertips to ensure speed while the robot was electronically controlled to sync with the audio track created by Rouge and Simon. A number of decorative elements were created to make the robot look as premium as possible. Covers and shapes were specifically cut, then moulded in fibreglass from silicone moulds. Smaller parts were then 3D printed and complied on set.

Make sure you head to your nearest outlet to purchase the all-new Castle Lite 250ml pack.


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