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Still using Windows Phone, iOS 7, or Android 2.3.7? WhatsApp will stop working soon

It's a fact that just about all the tech we make use of will eventually become obsolete. Unless you're the US Military or NASA, in which case you'll be using the same operating systems long after the rest of us are done. Hey, some of those probes were programmed in the 1970s -- doubtful there's gonna be an OS update for those things. WhatsApp is moving at a bit of a faster clip, though. Several ol...[Read More]

WhatsApp bringing video calling to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

WhatsApp has the user numbers and, at this point, it don’t really need to add any new features to the messaging service. But that’s not stopping the rollout of new bits, with encrypted video calling being the next feature to land. WhatsApp has confirmed that Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users are soon going to have video calling in the app. It’s past time, too, as testing took...[Read More]

Instagram’s new logo looks like rainbow vomit

The cult of the new dictates that every brand must get a makeover ever few years. Or more often if you’re a global phenomenon that’s only a few years old. Recent rebrands by the likes of Uber also suggest you can go for a minimalist look that’s actually crummier than the previous one and call it progress. Introducing, exhibit B, the new Instagram logo. “Inspired by the prev...[Read More]

In case it’s not obvious, Microsoft says Windows Phone isn’t a focus right now

It’s a grim time to be a fan of Windows phones, and it’s been that way for some time now. Market share has plummeted, and Microsoft’s own attention to the platform seems meagre at best. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL weren’t the big Windows Phone saviours that some hoped they would be, and the sluggish Lumia 650 can’t pick up the slack. Even worse, Microsoft cut a lot of ex...[Read More]

Stream today’s Microsoft Windows 10 device event here

Microsoft’s hosting its device media event later today in New York City. We’re expecting to see a Microsoft-branded Windows 10 smartphone, an updated Surface tablet computer — most likely called the Surface Pro 4 — and a new wearable (rumoured to be the Microsoft Band 2), alongside news on updates and/or additions to Windows 10 — the operating system is slated to arri...[Read More]

Changes afoot for Windows Phone due to job cuts, $7.6 billion writeoff

Microsoft bought up Nokia’s Devices and Services devision last year and we were all envisioning the company entering the smartphone market with a will. But they don’t really seem to know what to do with Windows Phone right now, so they’re going to be downsizing it. Microsoft has announced redundancies, to the tune of 7,800 jobs, that will affect mostly the folks working the compa...[Read More]

Microsoft brings hyperlapses to Android and Windows users

Sorry Apple users, but Microsoft has put paid to that smug look you’ve been able to wear since Instagram released its second app, Hyperlapse, last August. Microsoft Hyperlapse takes jerky video and makes it buttery smooth using a fancy algorithm, much like Instagram’s Hyperlapse. But, unlike Instagram’s offering, Microsoft Hyperlapse can be used to process existing video, not onl...[Read More]

Mango and Microsoft offering R1 flights (sort of)

To celebrate the launch of low-cost airline Mango’s app for Windows Phone devices  the company is offering consumers R1 flights, with the usual ream of terms and conditions you’d expect. Bookings have to be made using the Mango Windows Phone app, have to be for a return journey (where the R1 fare only applies to either the outbound or return leg of the journey), and only apply to trave...[Read More]

WhatsApp Web lets you continue chatting on Google Chrome

Meet WhatsApp Web, the chat app’s new web client that will allow you to move your smartphone conversations onto the desktop. WhatsApp Web isn’t a separate chat app, it just mirrors what’s happening on your smartphone. This means all your messages still live safe and sound on your device, and not stored on your computer. To use WhatsApp Web, you’ll need up to date versions of both Google Chro...[Read More]

Live Inspect wins MTN Business App of the Year 2014

Last Thursday, MTN Business hosted its annual App of the Year awards at The Venue at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. One of the judges for the event was none other than our own editor and publisher, Toby Shapshak. The awards seek to showcase locally developed applications that have made a positive and lasting impact on businesses and consumers during the last year. The overall winner for 2014 was in...[Read More]

Here is the first photo of the HTC One (M8) for Windows

Earlier we heard that HTC had a Windows Phone variant of its excellent One (M8) handset in the works, and well… just look, it’s definitely real. That image of the so-called HTC One (M8) for Windows comes from American carrier Verizon’s own website, with the direct link no longer as of this posting. The Verge spotted the photo, which shows Windows Phone 8.1 running on a version of HTC’s flagship An...[Read More]

HTC reportedly planning One M8 for Windows Phone, while Microsoft plots two more handsets

According to a couple of reports, both HTC and Microsoft have intriguing plans for their Windows Phone handset efforts – particularly the former, which may be bringing its flagship Android phone (pictured) to the platform. Engadget’s sources have revealed that the HTC One (M8) for Windows (also known by its codename, W8) is expected to launch by the end of September – at least in the U...[Read More]

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