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How humans (and other intelligent animals) might ruin the autonomous vehicle utopia

Rightly or wrongly, billions of dollars are being poured into autonomous vehicle research and development to pursue this autopia. However, barely any resource or thought is being given to the question of how humans will ultimately respond to the AV fleet. In a city full of autonomous cars, how might our behaviour and use of city streets change?

Inside the tech that makes ‘near-miss’ air collisions almost impossible

The sky is a crowded place. In June 2017, there were on average 33,000 flights every day over Europe alone. Surely then, it’s not surprising that we hear of “near-misses” between passenger jets, and of “hero pilots” avoiding “mid-air collisions”? Well yes, actually it is, because that can’t happen. These so-called “near-misses” are still a long way off from being a collision. Take the recently rep...[Read More]

How we can make super-fast hyperloop travel a reality

Across Europe and parts of Asia, travellers can enjoy some of the fastest rail services in the world. From Málaga to Madrid, Tokyo to Osaka, high-speed electric trains condense the travel times between major hubs by racing along at some 300kph. The fastest commercial service in the world is the Shanghai maglev – short for magnetic levitation, the method of propulsion it uses to glide along its tra...[Read More]

Solar Impulse’s biggest legacy will be in your home – not in the skies

After 12 years of planning and testing, Solar Impulse has finally completed its epic voyage around the world. The solar-powered plane first set off from Abu Dhabi 16 months ago, and it has since travelled some 25,000 miles (40,000km) over 17 gruelling legs – all without using a single drop of fuel. Solar Impulse is no ordinary aircraft – it has the span of a Boeing 747 but weighs little more than ...[Read More]

Tesla’s next feat? Solving public transport woes with self-driving buses

The Model 3 has racked up 400,000 pre-orders already, and Tesla Motors is riding a huge wave of positive publicity. So what better time to start talking about another transformational vehicle? The next one might be a bus – or something akin to a bus, at least. And it’ll be self-driving, too. But it won’t be exactly like a bus, since it’ll apparently take you directly to you...[Read More]

SkyTran planning elevated transportation network in Tel Aviv by 2015

Admit it, you only clicked on this story because of the Futurama image reference but that’s only to be expected when a company is planning to make a futuristic transportation system. A company called skyTran, which is based in California in the States, intends to make an elevated magnetic rail transportation system that is intended to help ease traffic congestion. The system, which will have...[Read More]

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