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Sony Xperia Touch review: Great idea, terrible result

Bring it on Tony Stark, we’re inching closer to touchscreen surfaces, one intriguing prototype at a time. The Sony Xperia Touch is the first one to come to market in South Africa, and — more importantly — the first to arrive on our desks for testing. The Xperia Touch generated plenty of hype when it was teased a few years back, and the eventual commercial version has some nifty feature...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch’s display is a 6.2-inch 720P touchscreen – report

We know an awful lot about the Nintendo Switch console. We know that it will arrive in March next year, we know that at least one of the hardware versions will ship with two detachable Joy-Con controllers for on-the-go mobile gaming. We also know that the Nintendo Switch will have a dock that will turn it into a standard at-home console if you’re not taking it out on the road. What we didn&#...[Read More]

Apple’s next iPad cover could have its own multifunction touchscreen

Apple releases a lot of gadgets, but those are probably just a fraction of all the fantastic, out-there concepts cooked up in Cupertino over the years. And as a just-granted patent shows, Apple has another surprising idea in the works. You know the iPad Smart Cover? The one that connects to the side and lays flat over the screen, yet quickly contorts to become a stand? Well, it seems like Apple ha...[Read More]

Light Start – Drone Grand Prix, touchscreen tables, Lambo Miura SV, and VR hands

Time to buy a drone – Drone pilot scores R3.8 million Grand Prix win Drones are popular, sure, but we didn’t realise they were this popular. The World Drone Prix took place in Dubai recently and the entire event, which was competed in by 150 teams from around the world, was taken by a fifteen-year-old drone pilot – proving that Japanese anime was right about high-school kid’...[Read More]

BlackBerry parties like it’s 2012 with the all-touch Leap

With an edge-to-edge touchscreen display and an app that amalgamates your social feeds, the BlackBerry Leap brings features other manufacturers have been offering for years to the table. BlackBerry finally conceded that this whole touchscreen thing was taking off with the BlackBerry Z10 and, despite saying it was going to focus on keyboard-toting telephones, has gone all-touch once again. The Blac...[Read More]

Now that’s a big ‘tablet’ – This is Ideum’s touchscreen coffee table

Is this going to be the hub of your home of the future? Ideum certainly thinks so. We’ve seen Ideum’s ideas before, with their work to turn smartphones into game controllers, but this is something else. The Ideum Duet is a coffee-table sized tablet that the company is currently showing off and we can certainly see how it would function as a decent part of a connected home – which...[Read More]

Microsoft’s Android Wear keyboard lets you type on your smartwatch without going insane

Typing on a smartwatch – impossible. Impractical. Absolutely ridiculous. These thoughts all crossed our minds when we heard that Microsoft was working on an on-screen keyboard for Android Wear smartwatches. Until we watched a video of it in action. FINGERS AT THE READY Instead of a full QWERTY keyboard crammed with incredibly small, impossible-to-hit keys, Microsoft’s solution is far s...[Read More]

Building a better pizza with technology (and touchscreens)

This might be the future of pizza or at least it will, if Pizza Hut has anything to say about it. The American pizza chain has demonstrated a concept touchscreen table that hungry folks could one day use to customise their circular meals. The interactive table, which was developed by Pizza Hut with the help of Chaotic Moon Studios, activates when a user puts their smartphone onto the table-top. Us...[Read More]

Tech-based bikers: Kickstarter project wants to turn your gloves into fingertips

Bikers, and just about anybody who has to wear gloves for an extended period of time, will be well aware of just how much of a pain using a touchscreen device can be when their hands are covered. A Kickstarter campaign is out to change all that, by funding and launching a product that renders gloves of all types compatible with touchscreen displays. The Kickstarter outing for Nanotips, a fluid-bas...[Read More]

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