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USB 4 is coming, meaning you’ll be able to transfer more, faster

As if having USB 3.2 show up and confuse people with its lack of branding consistency (USB 3.2 Gen 1 vs USB 3.2 Gen 2 vs USB 3.2 Gen 2x2? Seriously?) wasn't enough, now we've got USB 4.0 to worry about. We don't really have to worry just yet, but we're kinda wishing we did

Core will discount USB-C cables for new MacBook Pro

Following the news that Apple in the US is discounting the plethora of USB-C adaptors it offers, the Core Group has told Stuff it’ll be doing likewise. Apple’s move is largely a response to the opprobrium directed at it by consumers following the announcement of the three new MacBook Pros, all of which eschew traditional ports like USB, HDMI and an SD card slot for Thunderbolt 3 ports ...[Read More]

The new MacBook Pros really want you to touch them

Fans of Apple’s portable powerhouse notebook computer, the MacBook Pro, have been clamoring for an update… and their wish has finally come true. Apple’s unveiled three new MacBook Pros, two 13in models and a 15in one. As we’d expected there’ve been various updates under the hood, but there are two new features (on one of the 13in models and the 15in) that really leap ...[Read More]

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