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Someone dismembered a Huawei P30 Pro to get a closer look at the Periscope camera sensor

As much as it hurts to see this P30 Pro teardown, that's something that we -- and you -- should probably watch. Because Huawei's put some pretty high-end stuff in there. Like its Periscope camera. 

What’s in a Galaxy S7? A whole lot of pieces, like these

This is a sight you never, ever want to come home to see. A brand-new Galaxy S7 exploded apart, as though someone with a small screwdriver and a lot of patients wanted to cost you far too much money. But in this case the exploded view is from Samsung themselves and we’re pretty sure they’ve got a rejects bin somewhere… they can probably afford to do away with a single phone. A si...[Read More]

iPhone 6s gets split open, 2GB of RAM confirmed

Those veteran gadget-torturers over at iFixit have taken the scalpel to a shiny new iPhone 6s to reveal its insides. Apart from confirming that the battery is indeed a little smaller (although battery life remains unchanged, thanks to the more efficient A9 processor), we finally have official evidence that the iPhone 6s has the most RAM of any iPhone ever. That’s right, we’re now looking at a whol...[Read More]

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