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Life’s a beach – Summertime with some amazing surfing gear

Surfboards are a little like car tyres, if you think about it. Most folks who use them don’t worry too much about how they work, they just want to go out and have a good time. But there’s always some intrepid scientist making them better in ways that aren’t immediately (and visually) apparent, and there are always avid fans keeping up with these developments. I, sadly, have not b...[Read More]

Drone + camera + surf = some amazing footage

Have drone, will travel. That seems to be the philosophy of photographer Stu Gibson, who spent a lot of time traveling the world, capturing people who surf on video – and flying his drone. Sometimes at the same time. The result is the perfect storm of shots you will see in the video below, which you can think of as Stu’s 2014 highlight reel. [vimeo id=”116742009″] Stu uses ...[Read More]

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