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Life’s a beach – Summertime with some amazing surfing gear

Surfboards are a little like car tyres, if you think about it. Most folks who use them don’t worry too much about how they work, they just want to go out and have a good time. But there’s always some intrepid scientist making them better in ways that aren’t immediately (and visually) apparent, and there are always avid fans keeping up with these developments. I, sadly, have not b...[Read More]

First the Model X, then flamethrowers – now you’ve missed out on a Tesla surfboard

Elon Musk has been diversifying an awful lot lately. It’s not enough that he makes rockets, electric cars, tunnel-making machines, high-end batteries, clothing, and flamethrowers. Tesla, over the weekend, put up and then sold out of a Tesla-branded surfboard. The company has put together just 200 of these surfboards, which are a combination of Tesla’s carbon fibre (which makes up the b...[Read More]

The world’s newest Mercedes is a… surfboard?

Okay, this is a little weird for a German motoring company. It seems that Mercedes Benz has been involved in the creation of an extremely limited run of surfboards for big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara. That does mean that the boards, which have been dubbed the Silver Arrow of the Seas (or Arrows, if you prefer), are not going to be available for sale any time soon. The naming is rather appropriate...[Read More]

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