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Hisense Infinity H11 – A neat little mid-range black rectangle

We’re quite fond of Hisense’s range of smartphones here at the Stuff offices, for reasons that might seem counterintuitive. They’re neat, they’re usually easy to use — if they were a friend, they’d be that one that sticks around after parties to help clean up. You know, the one with no drama while everyone around them is losing their collective er… minds. ...[Read More]

Alienware announces 17in gaming notebook at CES

Alienware, the gaming brand developed by Dell, have announced their thinnest, lightest gaming notebook yet. And this one’s coming to South Africa in just a few weeks time. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, Dell and Alienware decided to give consumers what they want — an affordable, lightweight gaming machine. A machine that appeals to both amateur gamers as well as pros. And...[Read More]

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition detailed, official announcement on 11 December

Earlier this week Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus revealed a partnership announcement taking place on 11 December this year. The partnership is with McLaren, which makes an awful lot of sense — Huawei and BlackBerry have previously partnered with Porsche Design. OnePlus… is after something a little faster. The OnePlus/McLaren deal is supposed to be for a McLaren Edition of the OnePlus...[Read More]

Samsung has revealed their folding smartphone display – here’s what we know

Samsung has done what it said it would and revealed its first folding smartphone at the company’s Developer Conference in San Francisco this week. In a manner of speaking, anyway. There was certainly a folding smartphone shown on stage, though the device was disguised in a case that concealed ‘key design elements’. Samsung’s new tech was demonstrated by Justin Denison, the ...[Read More]

Apple announces new iPad Pro tablets, in 11in and 12.9in flavours

It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for, ever since Apple announced it way back on 18 October. The company opted for a reveal event during South African work hours (the American ones go without saying) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House rather than using their own campus, which should have been our first hint that Apple had something different in stor...[Read More]

Xiaomi makes its high-end Mi Mix 3 official, offers up to 10GB of RAM

We’ve been fans of Xiaomi’s smartphones — and their other tech — for quite some time. Their gear doesn’t have the same in-your-face impact that Samsung and Apple deliver but it’s solid, speedy, and it tends to be affordable. We’re not sure about the local price of Xiaomi’s new Mi Max 3 but we reckon it’s got the first two sewn up. Xiaomi has an...[Read More]

HTC’s blockchain phone, the Exodus 1, is available for pre-order if you’ve got the Bitcoin

If you’ve decided to make your life all about cryptocurrency then there’s only one smartphone that you should be looking at — HTC’s Exodus 1. It’s a blockchain-based device that’s been built with cryptocurrency in mind. And, if you want to secure yours, you’ll have to lay down a little crypto of your own. HTC’s not taking cash for it just yet. The Ex...[Read More]

The “world’s thinnest phone” is about the size of a credit card – and almost as skinny

If you’re a South African of a certain age, you might recall a time — before the iPhone — when cellular phones were more likely to shrink in size with each iteration, rather than the apprentice tablets we lug around today. If you’ve ever thought about those days with longing, it is worth paying attention to a device being billed as the “world’s thinnest phone...[Read More]

HP Spectre Laptop – Sleek. Powerful. Built for concrete jungles.

With exceptionally seductive craftsmanship at just 10.4mm thick, the HP Spectre laptop’s masterfully sculpted chassis with a hidden hinge and full size keyboard is finished in two stunning colour options. Keep going even in dimly lit rooms or aboard red-eye flights. With an illuminated keyboard, you can type comfortably in more environments with a full size edge-to-edge backlit keyboard. You...[Read More]

Samsung’s new Galaxy A-series handsets boasts the company’s first triple, quad camera setups

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 announcements this year might have introduced the company’s most powerful handsets to date, but they didn’t really show us anything new. That honour seems to have been reserved for the company’s Galaxy A-series announcement today that detailed the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9. Though it’s not exactly a surprise, we got our first proper...[Read More]

V-Moda Crossfade LP2 – Mighty Morphin Power… Headphones?

With what we were expecting from the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 headphones when we took them from their possibly over-engineered box, it was pleasant to be positively surprised. We started out with high hopes, since the suppliers had taken the trouble to send us Stuff-branded metal shields for the outer ear-cups, and were still impressed despite our high bar-setting. The Crossfade LP2s aren’t just...[Read More]

Apple iPhone XS – The iPhone X, improved

The iPhone XS is perhaps the most conventional phone that Apple is launching this year, a direct follow-up to the iPhone X, last year’s iOS-flavoured chart topper with a wallet busting price and a crop of new features. So why go for the XS this year? The iPhone keeps the same size, basically the same screen, even a lot of the same features. But there are parts that have been improved —...[Read More]

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