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September 2019

Sonos has a new musical trio landing in SA before month’s end

There's a new set of Sonos gear landing in South Africa over the next two weeks and they're all worth checking out. Meet the Sonos One SL, Move, and Port -- all very different candidates clamouring for your attention. 

Apple will unveil its new iPhones on 10 September, “By innovation only”

We've been expecting this: Apple's made this year's iPhone day official and, as was estimated earlier this month, the day's going to be 10 September. 

Don’t all crowd in at once: Win one of five sets of double tickets to Comic Con Africa 2019

What, you might ask, would compel us to want to work on a long weekend? A little something known as Comic Con Africa 2019, which will be taking place from 21 September all the way through to 24 September. That's four whole days of the biggest, nerdiest convention-type stuff we've had the pleasure to immerse ourselves in. And, now, five sets of two people can come along

LG teases a triple-screen smartphone, to be revealed at IFA 2019

LG's teasing what appears to be a triple-screen smartphone, which will be unveiled at this year's IFA in Berlin. But, before you got all 'LG's got a folding phone' on us, it looks as though the additional displays will appear courtesy of a smartphone case. Or a design that makes the device look like it's got a smartphone case on. 

Gamers, start your browsers – Tickets for the rAge NAG LAN go on sale on 27 July

It's getting to be about that time again, when gamers cycle up for the largest computer LAN event in South Africa. We're talking, of course, about the rAge NAG LAN, which takes place alongside the rAge expo this September. The folks organising the event have unveiled some new branding, as well as the date that tickets for the NAG LAN go on sale -- 27 July. 

Borderlands 3 will kick bandits in the face from 13 September

Borderlands 3 is on the way, that's something we already know. What we didn't know for sure was the launch date, though a certain mishap on 1 April gave us some idea... Anyhow, Gearbox Software has put to bed any speculation: Borderlands 3 lands on 13 September. 

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