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Sony stealthily rolls out a quieter (but hotter) PlayStation 4 Pro

All PlayStation 4 players know that slight panic when their console sounds like a light aircraft taking off. Should you hard reset? Unplug it? Maybe position the room fan to blow directly on it? The panic is real, but it doesn’t have to be. Sony has discreetly started releasing quieter PlayStation 4 Pro consoles into the world. Hardware updates like these rarely make the news, often flying u...[Read More]

You have the right to be nostalgic: Sony is launching a PlayStation Classic console

Whether you’re too young to remember, or a die-hard PlayStation fan who still owns the original console with all the accessories, you’ll be delighted to hear that Sony Computer Entertainment is launching a PlayStation Classic later this year — a small console modelled after the PS1 and pre-loaded with notable PS1 titles. Prepare your nostalgia muscles, because the mini console will be availa...[Read More]

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