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Are you African and over 18? Google is offering free coding courses

Google has partnered with Pluralsight, an online platform that offers tech-related courses, to sponsor 30,000 aspiring programmers from Africa.

Sphero launches Bolt, a programmable robot for children

The most influential time for a human to start learning how to program is arguably in the developmental years — try teaching a four-year-old a new language. Now try teaching your grandmother how to use an iPhone. Who won? Now try it again, this time using Sphero’s programmable Bolt robo-ball. We all know Sphero as the folks who allowed some of the most-loved Star Wars droids to come to...[Read More]

Add BASIC programming to the list of things you can do in Minecraft

We’ve seen free-form (mostly) game Minecraft do a lot of things: Teach chemistry, accept and make phone calls, work in virtual reality or on a Raspberry Pi. But this might have all of the others beaten. YouTube user SethBling has gone and created a way for users to write and execute BASIC code inside the Minecraft environment.For those of you who don’t remember BASIC, it used to be tau...[Read More]

Organic ‘computers’ made of DNA could process data inside our bodies

We invariably imagine electronic devices to be made from silicon chips, with which computers store and process information as binary digits (zeros and ones) represented by tiny electrical charges. But it need not be this way: among the alternatives to silicon are organic mediums such as DNA. DNA computing was first demonstrated in 1994 by Leonard Adleman who encoded and solved the travelling sales...[Read More]

Creative Code teaching Khayelitsha youth programming basics

It’s sometimes easy, in the rush of new products and technology updates, to forget that not everyone in South Africa has access to the technology literacy and skills required to make a living using the technology that Stuff readers love so much. It is good to know that there are programs out there in this country that are assisting disadvantaged young people, who may have never held a tablet...[Read More]

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