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Nintendo, you’ve got Mario in my Minecraft!

Forget Solid Snake in Smash Bros, or Ryu and Heihachi trading blows in Street Fighter X Tekken: this is the gaming crossover to end all gaming crossovers. Mario has made his way into Minecraft. The Wii U version of Mojang’s block-based gaming masterpiece launched last December, with the dev team promising some Mario-themed downloads later down the line. They finally arrive next week, and you...[Read More]

Minecraft: Education Edition will ensure kids never have to stop playing

For all of the parents and teachers who blamed video games as the source for our flagging interest in school and homework, please allow us to shove Minecraft: Education Edition in your faces. (Gently, of course. Love you, mom.) As the title implies, the newly announced Education Edition for PC turns the utterly beloved block-building sensation into a learning experience designed for educators to u...[Read More]

Microsoft acquires Minecraft and creator Mojang for $2.5 billion

Confirming the recent sensational rumour, Microsoft has announced that it has acquired the Minecraft franchise and its creator, Swedish studio Mojang, at a price of $2.5 billion. Allaying initial fears, Microsoft has confirmed that Minecraft will continue to exist on the platforms it’s already been released for, including competing devices like PlayStation consoles, iOS, and Android. It remains to...[Read More]

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