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Apple could have four new iPads and a 7th-gen iPod Touch headed our way soon

It’s only been a few short months since Apple’s last iPad announcement, and even shorter since they were launched here in SA, but we may be in for another iPad reveal soon. One consisting of four new iPads (well, possibly just one or two variants) and even a new, 7th-generation iPod Touch. The folks over at MacRumours first reported on the handful of iOS 12.2 beta references revealing ...[Read More]

These are the best things about iOS 9 on iPhone

If your internet connection has been doing its best impression of continental drift for the last day or so it’s probably because iOS 9, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, is now available for download. At 1.2GB, it’s smaller than many previous updates, but still liable to slow things down if half of your office is trying to get it at the same time. If iOS 8 co...[Read More]

What we love and hate about Apple’s new iPods

Tim Cook and the crew at Cupertino are now shaking their heads smugly at those who suggested Apple had given up on the iPod Touch. The latest versions transform what to many was little more than an ageing iPhone (without the “phone” bit) into a device that can almost hold its own against an iPhone 6. We say almost, because it’s not just the Phone app that’s absent, which ma...[Read More]

Apple releases iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

As planned, Apple has released its latest major mobile operating system update, iOS 8, to a select array of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices – but you’ll need a ton of space to actually install it. The iOS 8 update requires a 1.4GB download, but beyond that, you’ll need 5.7GB of available storage space to complete installation on an iPhone or iPod touch, and a whopping 6.9GB of space on ...[Read More]

Apple’s new 16GB iPod Touch launches in four new colours, along with a 5MP camera

Apple has quietly announced an update to its iPod Touch range – a 16GB model which is now available in four new colours, along with a camera for photography shenanigans. Until now, the 16GB iPod Touch was only available in grey. Although a sensible choice, it hardly got the hearts of design fans fluttering, so Apple is hoping that the new pink, yellow, green and blue colours are enough to sw...[Read More]

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