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Overpriced tech IPOs sell grand visions but aren’t worth their valuations

The year of the tech IPO is 2019. Uber went public on May 10 with a US$82.4 billion valuation. Fellow ride-sharing app Lyft floated in March with a U$24 billion valuation and Pinterest had a US$10 billion IPO in April. More big names – including Slack, Airbnb, WeWork and Palantir – are set to follow.

Uber’s $9 billion IPO rests on drivers’ 80-plus hour workweeks and a lot of waiting

Uber’s upcoming initial public offering may be one of the biggest in history, with the ride-hailing company expected to raise up to US$9 billion. That’s good news for its early investors and executives, who could reap $1.3 billion from the IPO. For the potentially hundreds of thousands of drivers who do it as their largest or main source of income? Not so much. That may be why some of them p...[Read More]

As expected the Snapchat listing has been meteoric, the largest since Alibaba’s in 2014

If you want to see the changing nature of social media, then Snap’s listing last week is it. The biggest IPO since Alibaba’s US$168bn in 2014, the Snapchat parent listed at three times that of Twitter, valuing it at $24bn on its first day, $28bn on its second. And it still doesn’t make money. In fact, on revenue of $404m last year, it lost $514m and $373m the year before. But the...[Read More]

The social media app that pioneered disappearing photographs has proved to be a survivor

The remarkable thing is not only Snapchat’s 158m daily users, it’s that two thirds of them update their content every single day. That’s about 100m people posting something new every day, which explains why parent company Snap will be valued at US$25bn when it IPOs. Its users check the app 18 times on average each day, sending some 2.5bn images and messages. After introducing sho...[Read More]

It is hard to see how Snapchat parent Snap will live up to expectations after its IPO

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat is looking to go public with an IPO in March of 2017. Snap has filed its intentions secretly with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and it is expected to be valued at between US $20 and $25 billion. Snap’s current earnings are not publicly disclosed but because its filing with the SEC was private, they are thought to be less than US $1 billion per...[Read More]

GoPro planning a US IPO, looking to raise $100 million

Action camera manufacturers GoPro, who are responsible for arguably the most popular sports camera series on the market at the moment, are looking to go public in the United States at least. The company has filed documents with regulators stating their intention to embark on their initial public offering (IPO). GoPro is looking to raise $100 million from their IPO, a large proportion of which is i...[Read More]

Twitter’s first quarterly earnings report causes a stock price drop

It’s not unusual to peer closely at a company’s performance once they’ve made their initial public offering. Everyone did it with Facebook, now Twitter is coming under equal scrutiny. By more than just tech websites as well, the micro-blogging service’s first quarterly earnings reports has cause a dip in Twitter’s stock prices owing to the losses that the company post...[Read More]

Twitter ends IBM patent litigation by acquiring, licensing a collection of patents

Just prior to Twitter’s IPO last year, IBM popped up claiming that the micro-blogging service infringed on several of its patents. From the start, IBM was hoping to “negotiate a business resolution of the allegations” and it looks as though those plans have come to fruition. IBM has announced, through a press release, that Twitter has acquired 900 of the company’s patents w...[Read More]

Twitter introduces custom timelines, through Tweetdeck or via API

Twitter has just gone through a fairly unremarkable IPO, in that there wasn’t much to discuss aside from the increase in stock price. But with an IPO comes investors to satisfy and new features are required to do that so it’s not that surprising that Twitter has announced that custom timelines, arranged by users and sharable via the web, are on the way. The idea is that users will be a...[Read More]

Twitter’s IPO goes well, stocks up 73% at the close of trading

Yesterday Twitter confirmed what the minimum price for stock in the company would be but the company’s IPO didn’t sit at the base price for very long, climbing at the start of trading to $45.10 per share. The stock price didn’t dip much by the close of trading, being up 73% from the initial price and coming in at $44.90. Not a bad performance, especially when compared to Facebook...[Read More]

This is what shares of Twitter will cost you initially

Twitter have finalised their initial stock price for their IPO, which kicks off when the markets open a bit later today. 70 million shares, which will be available for the initial public offering, will cost $26 a pop – a bit of an increase from initial estimates. The pricing has set the value of the company as a whole at $18 billion and sales of the shares should net Twitter $1.8 billion, a ...[Read More]

Possible patent litigation arises just prior to Twitter’s IPO

Twitter’s IPO will be taking place later on this week but now the microblogging company have got a potential legal battle on their hands in addition to worrying about entering the public space. IBM have accused Twitter of infringing on three of the company’s patents relating to advertising, contacts and “retrieval of uniform resource locators”. The information concerning Tw...[Read More]

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