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Monster phone weigh-in: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs Apple iPhone XS Max

This time around, we’re pitting the recently launched big boi Note 10+ against one of its arch-rivals, the iPhone XS Max.

Apple iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR: Which should you buy?

This year iPhone fans have quite a challenge ahead — which one of the extremely similar iPhones should buyers choose? Apple unveiled three different iPhones a month ago, and all three are compelling in their own right. Granted, all three look about the same at a glance, but it’s the small (and bigger) differences that’ll really determine your choice between the iPhone XS, iPhone ...[Read More]

Apple unveils a trio of new iPhones: The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR

Apple’s new iPhone lineup now includes three devices for 2018 — one of the first times that an off-the-wall rumour turned out to be true on the first go. Maybe there’s something to that talk of an Apple-made car after all. As expected, Apple announced two new handsets in their iPhone XS line, as well an all-new device — the LCD-screened iPhone XR, along with the new Apple W...[Read More]

iStore will have the iPhone Xs and Xs Max on 28 September and you can get R2,000 worth of iCare Plus free

South Africans wanting the new iPhone Xs and its bigger sibling, the Xs Max, will be able to get them from iStore on 28 September. Impressively, that’s only a week after the devices launch in ‘Tier 1’ markets like the US, UK and Australia. Look at us, eh? We’re ‘Tier 2’ kids now, baby. At the same time, iStore has updated its get-a-new-iPhone-every-year plan, wi...[Read More]

Apple leaks upcoming iPhone names on their own website

Of course there has to be a leak on the day of Apple’s iPhone reveal. This time we’ve found out exactly what the three new iPhone handsets will be called — and we were not that far off in our earlier speculation. The leak seems to have confirmed that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will be the names for the three new smartphones expected to be announced tonight. Website ATH spotted the names...[Read More]

Apple’s new 6.5in iPhone apparently named the iPhone Xs Max

We’ve been privy to some unusually-detailed Apple leaks for 2018, from a very good look at the company’s newest smartphones (and a glance at the Apple Watch 4) to an early view of a new iPad Pro. And now we might have a name for Apple’s expected 6.5in iPhone — though it’s a bit of a weird one: the iPhone Xs Max. Last week we found out that the new iPhones would be bra...[Read More]

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