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In the future, everyone might use quantum computers

Today, quantum computing is in its infancy. Quantum computation incorporates some of the most mind-bending concepts from 20th-century physics. In the U.S., Google, IBM and NASA are experimenting and building the first quantum computers. China is also investing heavily in quantum technology.

IBM launches commercial quantum computing – we’re not ready for what comes next

IBM recently unveiled what it claimed was the world’s first commercial quantum computer. While the announcement of the Q System One wasn’t scientifically groundbreaking, the fact that IBM sees this as a commercial product that organisations (if not individuals) will want to use is an important breakthrough. IBM has taken a prototype technology that has existed in the lab for over 20 years and laun...[Read More]

IBM has made the world’s smallest computer, measuring just 1mm x 1mm

Just how much space do you need to create a compete working computer? If you’re IBM the answer to that is “Not much at all”, which might explain how the company has managed to create the world’s smallest functional PC. That header image above? That shows 64 of the computer’s motherboards sandwiched together on a single chip. Unveiled at the IBM Think conference, this ...[Read More]

IBM’s Watson would do a better job at being a bank teller than most current staff

Customer service in banking is hard. Take a look at any bank’s Facebook or Twitter account and complaints heavily outnumber compliments. Westpac, one of Australia’s largest banks is a good example. Every day, Westpac faces a barrage of complaints on Facebook and Twitter. Westpac is trying to address the problem by changing incentives for branch staff to be based on customer feedback. The trouble w...[Read More]

A supercomputer just made the world’s first AI-created film trailer – here’s how well it did

More people have been talking about the trailer for the sci-fi/horror film Morgan than the movie itself. It’s partly because the commercial and critical response to the film has been less than lukewarm, and partly because the clip was the first to be created entirely by artificial intelligence. At the request of the filmmakers at 20th Century Fox, IBM used its supercomputer Watson to build a trail...[Read More]

Apple opens ResearchKit to doctors and developers – and recruits IBM’s Watson

Revealed last month alongside the new MacBooks and the Apple Watch launch details, ResearchKit was a surprising turn for Apple – a “help the world” initiative surrounded by lavish, beautiful consumer products. And now it’s opening up wide. Apple has announced that the ResearchKit framework is now available for all developers and researchers to tap into, letting them design custom apps for te...[Read More]

IBM and Apple, less unlikely bedfellows than you’d think

In a potentially divisive move, Apple announced earlier this week that it is partnering with its previous archenemy, IBM, to create 100 business-specific applications for Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. But IBM isn’t just writing software to service its corporate customers’ needs, its also going to be trying to sell iPhones and iPads to the enterprise market. Apple and IBM in bed together mi...[Read More]

IBM’s Watson AI comes to your kitchen

You might not trust an artificial intelligence to drive your car (or spaceship) just yet, but what could possibly go wrong with putting one in charge of your kitchen? IBM has teamed up with US cooking magazine Bon Appétit to give its Watson AI full rein of your razor-sharp knives, high-speed blenders, blow torches, microwave radiation and gas hobs. Bon Appétit is looking for beta testers for a new...[Read More]

Google takes Apple’s spot as the world’s most valuable brand

Determining the most valuable brand on the planet is a tough task but it can be done. Apple was put into that position by several research companies last year but Google has displaced the big fruit for 2014. Market research firm Millward Brown, which ranks brands based on a calculation of their value, has dropped Apple from the number one spot, a position that the company has held for three years ...[Read More]

Sony develops 185TB tape drive in conjunction with IBM

There’s one thing that the folks who populate Stuff Towers can’t get enough of and that’s digital storage. Sony has just the thing to satisfy our storage-lust and it’s just a pity that their newest upgrade is a high-tech, low-tech solution intended for industrial or business uses. The company has just announced a tape storage development, made with IBM, that is capable of h...[Read More]

IBM details how Watson will be assisting with online shopping

IBM’s Watson supercomputer/AI system has been spending time in several spheres, learning how to do all sorts of interesting things. The fields of medicine, game shows, customer service and varsity have already formed part of Watson’s education and the supercomputer is going to be going shopping next. Yes, shopping. IBM and Watson are teaming up with a company called Fluid to create a W...[Read More]

DARPA collects its open source code in one (open) place

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on some American military technology? If you have, you’ve probably avoided doing something about it because the idea of incarceration doesn’t appeal. But there’s now a way to get hold of some of that tech without a security clearance or the possibility of jail time. It’s called open source code. The Defense Advanced Research Projects A...[Read More]

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