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God of War – Kratos and Son: Monster Slayers

When last we saw Kratos he was… running around the Hecatonchires in God of War: Ascension. Chronologically, though, we saw him finally exact his vengeance on his father Zeus at the close of God of War III. It’s been long enough that the Greek pantheon has faded into myth and the Norse gods have risen. Kratos, one-time God of War, is living a simple life in Midgard. He has a family. Or ...[Read More]

The new axe-wielding, bearded God of War arrives on 20 April

The last time we saw the perpetually angry Spartan Kratos he had slain (most of) the Greek pantheon and was mortally wounded — though he still managed to wander off, so perhaps “mortally” wounded is more appropriate. After that it was back in time for subsequent releases, but the main God of War story is back, and slated for a 20 April 2018 release. Kratos has left his home and f...[Read More]

Light Start – God of War, Death Stranding, Xbox One S, and Blood Dragon

God of War is back and looking… a little different How do you make one of the most hardcore of gaming heroes (for a given value of ‘heroes’) even more hardcore? You give him a beard. And an axe. And some trolls to fight. While protecting what seems to be his… son? That’s right, God of War and Kratos are back and Kratos seems to have taken some anger management courses...[Read More]

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