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With cryptocurrency launch, Facebook sets its path toward becoming an independent nation

Facebook has announced a plan to launch a new cryptocurrency named the Libra, adding another layer to its efforts to dominate global communications and business. Backed by huge finance and technology companies including Visa, Spotify, eBay, PayPal and Uber

Huawei’s smartphones dislodge Apple from the global number two spot

If you’re looking for the market leader for a specific device type you’re probably going to be investigating which company has shipped the most units — a good way to find out who is king of the smartphone hill. The latest IDC report, which keeps track of this sort of thing, actually has a few surprises this time around. Not with the market leader, that’s still Samsung, but ...[Read More]

Huawei is now bigger than Apple, in terms of smartphone sales

This might come across as heresy but Apple isn’t quite the force in the smartphone world that it once was. Chinese company Huawei has come along and dislodged the American tech-maker from its long-held Number 2 spot in the world smartphone rankings. In terms of units sold, that is. The folks over at Counterpoint Research have been keeping tabs on recent smartphone sales and Huawei’s be...[Read More]

The world’s largest purveyor of wearable tech is now… Xiaomi

When you think of wearable tech there’s one name that jumps to mind first: Fitbit. So much so that many fitness bands are called, generically, Fitbits. And with good reason, the company once held sway over the world’s wearables market but now there’s a new king of the castle. And it’s not contender Apple. It’s Xiaomi. Xiaomi has captured 17.1% of the world’s wea...[Read More]

Country rules: the ‘splinternet’ may be the future of the web

Both The Economist and WIRED are worried about the “splinternet”. The UK research organisation NESTA thinks it could “break up” the world wide web as we know it. What is this awkwardly named idea? It’s the concept that someone’s experience of the internet in Turkey, for example, is increasingly different from their experience of the internet in Australia. Travellers to China, in particular, will b...[Read More]

The unique strategy Netflix deployed to reach 90 million worldwide subscribers

In just a decade, Netflix has grown from a video service with seven million U.S. subscribers to one that reaches 93 million people worldwide. Its growth and ability to break into well-established industries – first video rental, now television and film – is a rare accomplishment. In my book “Portals: A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television,” I explore how Netflix and other internet-distribut...[Read More]

Netflix has a new way for you to find new shows – video previews are here

It’s no secret that a significant portion of Stuff‘s data usage each month goes to Netflix. That’s just the way that things work these days. But we’re usually self-restricted to shows that we know or films that we’ve done a spot of research on. Finding something new usually means scrolling through the Recommended listing and then picking something safe. Because who wa...[Read More]

Samsung issues global Galaxy Note 7 recall due to faulty batteries

It’s a darned good thing that the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been delayed here in South Africa. Samsung has just announced a global recall of the handset, due to issues surrounding the handset’s battery. Some Note 7 batteries have been… exploding. As a result Samsung has taken unprecedented action and halted global sales of the smartphone. The company will also b...[Read More]

The Misfit Shine 2 packs even more dynamite into a tiny package

Wearable maker Misfit has a habit of making attractive fitness trackers that don’t look like fitness trackers. We’ve seen the Flash, the Shine (Speedo edition), and the Fret, among others, in recent years but now it is the Misfit Shine 2’s time to shine. Misfit’s sequel to their excellent Shine hasn’t played with the look much. It’s still a lightweight light-bor...[Read More]

Global smartphone shipments pass the 1 billion mark for the first time – IDC

Smartphone vendors shipped over 1 billion smartphones in 2013, according to the most recent figures from market research firm IDC. This marks the first time that the worldwide sale of smartphones has topped this number, more than doubling the shipment total met just two years previously. According to the report, the likes of Samsung, Apple, Nokia and everyone else involved shipped 1,004.2 million ...[Read More]

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