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Gboard will now suggest GIFs based on your texting habits, and AI

Ever felt like you know exactly what you want to say, but just can’t find the perfect GIF for it? Well, Google, with the help of some AI speculation tech, wants to help you with that issue. Google’s keyboard app, Gboard (which is available on Android and iOS) will now suggest relevant GIFs, emoji, and stickers for certain conversations. While typing a message, a suggested GIF icon will appear in t...[Read More]

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers on Android

Creating personalised stickers is by no means a native WhatsApp feature, and like with many things, Facebook has decided to sneakily nab the idea from other messenger apps (like Telegram and WeChat), and add it to its own messaging app. It’s still an awesome feature though. And will likely replace standard stickers altogether one day. WhatsApp stickers have just started to roll out for Android and...[Read More]

Twitter will now let you supersize your GIFs

No matter how you pronounce it, the GIF is here to stay. And it’s just getting bigger. On Twitter, at any rate. The micro-blogging service has expanded the size of GIF that users can upload onto the service, to a bandwidth-clogging 15MB per animated short. Before you get too excited (or start stressing that your uploads are going to overtake your downloads soon), there is a slight limitation...[Read More]

Light Start – Tinder GIFs, SpaceX ‘chutes, a Surface phone, and too much Facebook

We’re sure this will be SFW – Tinder adds the ability to share GIFs  Rather than being some sort of sarcasm, our take on the latest features for dating app Tinder are genuine. More or less. The swipe-left-swipe-right app is adding GIF support, potentially removing the need for forming actual words when talking to a prospective match (hint: don’t do this – we evolved languag...[Read More]

Samsung working on GIF-tastic Live Photos rival for the Galaxy S7

Move over iPhone: Samsung is working on its own version of Live Photos for the Galaxy S7, and by all accounts it’s shaping up to be better than Apple’s version. It’s probably going to be called Vivid Photos, and could record higher quality clips than the iPhone 6S can manage by ditching audio recording. Each clip will record about 1.5s of video before and 1.5s after you press the...[Read More]

Giffers rejoice: YouTube begins rolling out GIF creation tool

We’re pretty excited right now. And it has nothing to do with the sugar rush from the Stuff HQ snack pile. YouTube has stealthily rolled out a new feature which lets users convert up to five seconds of video into a GIF, opening up a world of magical possibilities. The feature is sadly only limited to certain videos for the time being (the PBS Idea Channel being one of the current supported p...[Read More]

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