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Get in loser, we’re going (AR) Ghostbusting… in Japan

The event is to mark the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise and takes place at the Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo from 12 October this year. The event will see trainers leading participants sporting "...Ghostbuster uniforms, proton packs, and other props used in the filming of the Ghostbusters movie released in 2016"

Lego Ghostbusters set gets the green light

Rejoice ye 80’s kids! 2014 definitely seems to be turning out as the year of the Lego block in the best of ways. Some of the first unveilings and adaptations announced for 2014 have made us pretty excited, and the latest Lego project, greenlit by the Lego VIPs themselves is a fan-designed Ghostusters set. It started with Brent Waller, a Lego aficionado, who put together a model of a Ghostbusters s...[Read More]

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