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Uber in the air: flying taxi trials may lead to passenger service by 2023

Uber Air will start test flights of its aerial taxi service in 2020, and move to commercial operations by 2023, the ABC reported. Melbourne, Dallas and Los Angeles have been named as three test cities for the trial.

Flying cars: automating the skies means playing with our lives

As Harry Potter’s encounter with the Whomping Willow reminds us, flying cars can be dangerous. Before futuristic visions of three-dimensional sprawling city traffic can approach reality, there are some serious safety issues that need addressing.

Flying cars could cut emissions, replace planes, and free up roads – but not soon enough

When Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was released 50 years ago, flying cars were a flight of fancy. Now, these futuristic vehicles are entering the outer fringes of reality. According to a new study published in Nature, for some journeys flying cars could eventually be greener than even electric road cars, cutting emissions while also reducing traffic on increasingly busy roads.

Air taxis – why they’re no longer pie in the sky

Imagine a taxi service that picked you up (into the sky) and then dropped you off after an exciting journey, completely free of road works and traffic lights. It has been claimed that air taxis could be flying us through the air in just a few years’ time – and it’s true that some big companies are speeding ahead with the idea. Why? Well, to start with, we simply need to find better ways of moving ...[Read More]

The future of flying cars: science fact or science fiction?

Uber has shaken up the taxi industry and is trying to put driverless cars on our roads. Now the company aims to have flying ride-sharing vehicles in our skies by 2020. Uber is not alone in working towards flying cars. But is this realistic, or just marketing hype? To many of us, the concept of flying cars is synonymous with the future, just like silver jumpsuits and gourmet food in the form of a p...[Read More]

Light Start – Flying cars, Call of Duty, Tesla recall, and Deadpool 2 dated

Why yes, someone has got a flying car coming to market soon. Welcome to the future It’s 2017 and (we’re showing our ages now) we were told that we would have flying cars a little after the year 2000. Beyond 2000 has a lot to answer for. If you weren’t around back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, we’ve been waiting for our flying cars, dammit. And they’re… wait, ...[Read More]

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