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This Ferrari coffee table book costs more than most ordinary cars

What do you get the Ferrari fan who has everything? Not another Ferrari, they probably already have a few of those. They have everything, remember? But if you’re serious about the Italian car brand and happen to have a fair chunk of cash to throw about, you might want to get them a limited edition coffee table book for the sort of money you’d spend on a normal-person car. The book R...[Read More]

Light Start – Solarin secure phone, GeForce screen, 458 MM Speciale, and slowing Jawbone

Sirin Labs’ Solarin secure phone has launched, runs slower than your new Samsung So you think that your smartphone cost a lot? You’re not even close to having the most costly handset, as Sirin Labs’ Solarin smartphone has just launched. What can you expect to pay for one of these devices? Try around R250,000. Yes, there’s an extra zero there and it’s supposed to be th...[Read More]

Light Start – Modular watches, Mjolnir, 3D printing houses, Dino Riders, and the Ferrari F12tdf

The Project Ara for smartwatches is on Kickstarter, and already funded Project Ara is coming and it might just change the smartphone as we know it. But we’ve only had the smartwatch for a little while, it’s a bit soon for… oh, wait, there’s a modular smartwatch project, called Blocks, on Kickstarter already. And it’s already smashed its $250,000 target, topping $450,0...[Read More]

Welcome to the web – Ferrari unveils the 488 Spider

We got our first close-ish look at the Ferrari 488 GTB in February this year (though it’s never close enough unless you’re in the driver’s seat) and now, a few short months later, the Italian company has pulled back the curtain on the 488 Spider. What’s different? Do you really care? It’s an extremely attractive piece of rolling iron, even if the official unveiling vi...[Read More]

A day in the life of a Ferrari test-driver – F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari

It’s a hard life, being a test-driver for Ferrari. Who are we kidding, it’s just about every male’s dream job and that’s probably why Ferrari test-driver Dario Benuzzi has held onto the job ever since he first got it way back in 1969. If you were going to spend 46 years in the same job, there are way worse ruts to fall into. What you’re looking at, in the video above,...[Read More]

Cars in drag – Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Bugatti Veyron

Today’s technically Friday, if you’re looking at things in terms of the work week. So it’s time for a little in-cranium fantasy, unless you’ve got Elon Musk’s bank account and Rowan Atkinson’s affinity for high-speed motor vehicles. We don’t mean that either of them are behind the wheel in the vehicles you can see duking it out on an airfield at the recent...[Read More]

Ferrari Design F1 concept wants drivers to be the car

What on earth is that? That, my confused-looking friend, is a Ferrari Design F1 concept vehicle. One that has appeared online posted by Ferrari themselves, so we’re prrrreeeetty sure that it’s official. There’s not much to look at right now, aside from the front and rear view, but the company is inviting comment on the site so we guess they want to know what you think of the idea...[Read More]

Ferrari’s new 488 GTB is a turbocharged menace

The Ferrari 458 Italia is dead? Man, I loved that car… You’re not alone buddy, the 458 Italia was a truly special car but petrol-quaffing naturally aspirated V8 engines have fallen out of fashion and Ferrari has decided to clean up its act. But dry those eyes, because the twin-turbocharged 488 GTB looks set to be rather awesome in its own right. Why will it be so awesome? The new turbo...[Read More]

What the FXXK? – See Ferrari’s new monster in action

It was only last week that we got a look at Ferrari’s evolution of their LaFerrari hypercar, the FXX K. This frankly massive-engined piece of engineering is part of the company’s XX program, which means that “owners” can more or less lease the car from Ferrari who will maintain it when it’s not in use. And it’s not going to be in use on the road any time soon, f...[Read More]

Ferrari’s FXX K – Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair (at the price)

Ferrari makes some cool cars, you can’t argue with that at all. But they’ve also got a set of cars that are made exclusively for people who have a fanatical devotion to the Italian brand and a whole lot of money on hand. That’d be Ferrari’s XX initiative, in which the company more or less leases bonkers prototypes to dedicated drivers. They’re designed to be used on t...[Read More]

Highly limited edition Ferrari F12 TRS leaks, with a huge price tag (and maybe KERS)

Images have leaked of a new Ferrari, an evolution of one of the company’s F12 Berlinetta, have leaked online and the vehicle is supposedly going to be a one-off from the company. Given the rumoured price tag, it’s not too hard to understand why. The car, which will apparently be dubbed the Ferrari F12 TRS, has reportedly cost $4.2 million or, in South African money, around R45.3 millio...[Read More]

Check out an extended demo of Apple’s CarPlay in a Volvo

A couple of days ago, we talked about Apple’s CarPlay, which was unveiled this week at the Geneva Auto Show. So far the system has been showcased in Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz motorcars, but the latest video gives viewers an extended look on how the system will work with Volvo. Unfortunately the system is only showcased in a concept vehicle, as with the Ferrari and Mercedez-Benz, but hopefully we w...[Read More]

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