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Emoji aren’t ruining language: they’re a natural substitute for gesture 🔥🔥🔥

Gestures and emoji don’t break down into smaller parts. Nor do they easily combine into larger words or sentences (unless we’re using a clunky version of the grammar of our language).

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers on Android

Creating personalised stickers is by no means a native WhatsApp feature, and like with many things, Facebook has decided to sneakily nab the idea from other messenger apps (like Telegram and WeChat), and add it to its own messaging app. It’s still an awesome feature though. And will likely replace standard stickers altogether one day. WhatsApp stickers have just started to roll out for Android and...[Read More]

To smiley face or not: the complexity of email etiquette

The Conversation, CC BY-SA Emails are ubiquitous in a modern, globalised workforce. However, a well-crafted email can make the sender appear approachable and competent, while a poorly constructed one is less persuasive, and leaves recipients less willing to comply with the request. Alongside making requests and providing information, emails help us build rapport in the workplace and long-term busi...[Read More]

Allo? Allo! Google’s new smart messaging app is live, but can it win us over?

Do we really need another messaging app? Google thinks so, and it doesn’t think its existing Hangouts app is the way to go. Instead, it’s created Google Allo, an instant messaging service that includes all the features you’d expect from a messaging app and one big one you wouldn’t: integrated Google Assistant (which is a bot with features of Google Search and Now). In other...[Read More]

What your emojis say about you

When you add a smiley face to the end of a message, you may be saying more than you realise. Emoticons, faces formed from punctuation symbols such as :-), and emojis, picture symbols such as ?, are now common features of the way we communicate using phone and internet messaging services and social media. They can help your recipient understand a potentially ambiguous message, reinforce the emotion...[Read More]

Light Start – Star Wars spoilers, a new Nokia, Amsterdam, Kit-Kat, and VW car fixes

Want to avoid Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers? There’s an extension for that You thought we were going to spoil The Force Awakens, didn’t you? Look, we’re evil but we’re never going to go that far in the direction of the Sith path. But if you’re looking to avoid spoilers ahead of the next Star Wars film’s release then there’s a Chrome extension that ...[Read More]

Light Start – Zano dies, slack-jaw balance, condom emoji, robo-cats, and Deus Ex delayed

Kickstarted drone Zano (and its parent company) has just dropped out of the sky We saw them late last year and were quite excited about the device but it seems that the successfully-Kickstarted Zano drone wasn’t successful in other areas. Namely, making and shipping the drone to backers. UK-based Torquing Group managed to ship about 600 drones – they were supposed to ship 15,000 –...[Read More]

Finland is getting its own emoji – and some are totally metal

Finland, the land of indestructible phones and trollish folklore, is going to be the first country to get its own emoji. And the little icons are going to revolve around some uniquely Finnish emotions, according to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The country has unveiled a few of these and they are certainly specific to the country. From left to right (above) we’ve got Unbre...[Read More]

Twitter, now with Star Wars emoji

Unless you ran out of data yesterday afternoon and fell victim to extreme loadshedding, you’ll know there’s a new trailer out for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (watch it over here). To add to the hype, Twitter has created a range of Star Wars emojis that are triggered when Twitter users use particular hashtags. Twitter’s partnered with Disney and Lucasfilms to create custom emojis that ...[Read More]

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