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Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls land on PC from 24 June

Previously the domain of Sony-branded console games, Quantic Dream titles Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human are heading to the PC. They're going to be landing on Epic Games' own store a little later this year, and Quantic has detailed when those games are going to be dropping. 

Detroit: Become Human will give us choices – in more ways than one

We’ve been excited for Detroit: Become Human before the game was a game. Ever since the Kara tech demo, we’ve been waiting for a proper launch, which is why last October’s announcement lit up so many of our attention centres. At this year’s E3 Sony and Quantic Dream took things a few steps further, by introducing us to another protagonist and giving us a deeper look at what...[Read More]

Sony and Quantic Dream reveal Detroit: Become Human

We’ve got a love-love-hate thing going with Sony-exclusive developer Quantic Dream at the moment. Their Fahrenheit (also know as Indigo Prophecy) and Heavy Rain releases were incredible, Beyond: Two Souls was a little less so. But when David Cage and co. are not making games, they’re also making tech demos for Sony. We saw the Dark Sorcerer at E3 in 2013, which was great, but it was th...[Read More]

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