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Battlefield V review – back to WWII for the long haul

Battlefield returns to its World War Two roots, but is it better than ever? From the polygonal paratroopers of Medal of Honor, to Call of Duty’s all-out assault on the senses, there seemed to be a definite running theme of giving you big guns to single-handedly wipe out the Nazis. That was except for one game in 2002 — which gave players a unique multiplayer experience, mimicking the territo...[Read More]

Light Start – Uphill robots, printed rockets, Battlefield beta, and a new Notepad

This is the sound of the future: Roborace autonomous race car completes Goodwood’s uphill climb If you’re a Stuff reader then there’s a passing chance that you’re familiar with Roborace, the autonomous race car project currently being tested on tracks of all sorts. The driverless vehicle’s latest achievement was completing the Goodwood uphill climb over the weekend at...[Read More]

Looking for your FPS story fix? Battlefield V will have you covered

A small minority of gamers took exception to Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII‘s decision to do away with the traditional single-player campaign in order to try something a little different. Those players can instead look to Battlefield V if they’re feeling a gaping void that only a single-player section in a largely multiplayer game can fill — EA and DICE are keeping their campaign i...[Read More]

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