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This is DC Universe, the super-streaming service

We would be lying if we told you we haven’t thought about a Marvel/DC crossover streaming service recently: The two universes finally putting their differences aside to provide entertainment for the good of man-(and streaming-)kind — not probable, though not completely outside of the realm of possibility either. And we’re already part of the way there.  At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 DC C...[Read More]

Light Start – Samsung flip-phone, metal machine, Stranger Things 3, and Batman Ninja

Samsung will be launching a new luxury flip phone, the W2018, next year You know that Samsung still makes flip-phones, right? They’re generally for the Asian market, where that type of device never really went away. In fact, it has surged in popularity to the point where Samsung can make something like the newly announced W2018 — a luxury flip-phone. Luxury how? Dual 4.2in HD AMOLED di...[Read More]

Light Start – Android list of shame, Samsung’s Batphone, Brian May’s VR play and EasyJet’s smart footwear

Google’s ranking Android device makers so they offer updates faster If you’ve ever owned an Android handset or tablet (that isn’t a Nexus device) you’ll know the annoyance of having to wait for the manufacturer to get around to updating it with the latest version of the mobile operating system. See, even when Google puts out a new version of its OS end users are still behol...[Read More]

Light Start – A new Kindle, Oculus delays, BBM Freedom, and Killing Joke

There’s a new Kindle incoming, with an announcement next week Reading isn’t dead. It’s just sleeping. Actually, you’re reading this, aren’t you? Unless you’re absorbing these words by some sort of osmosis, in which case: What’s your secret?! For those still using mere ocular tissue to enable actual telepathy (think about it), Amazon have got a new Kindle f...[Read More]

Rocksteady Games prepping Batman: Arkham Knight for release this year

Gotham City’s Dark Knight is one of the more relatable superheroes in popular fiction, if that term can be applied to a genius billionaire playboy who fights crime in the evenings. It’s who we’d like to think we’d be if we had his resources and family history. Some of the Batman’s best outings of late have come via the world of video games thanks to Rocksteady Games a...[Read More]

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