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August 2019

Lego goes coding with the introduction of its programmable Spike Prime kit

Educational toys have come a long way from the 90s, where anything that might teach kids something was routinely considered boring as hell. There may have been spreadsheets involved. Now, if you want to teach a small person something that might help their careers, you can just grab them a mini-robotics lab or something. The 'or something' bit nicely describe's Lego's new Spike Prime kit, an engine...[Read More]

Harley Davidson’s LiveWire electric bike will launch in August this year

Gentlemen, start your engines. Wait, are those engines actually on? It’s not normally difficult to tell with a Harley Davidson, but the LiveWire isn’t your typical Harley. We heard back in November that the company’s first electric motorcycle would be getting priced and dated in January 2019 and well, would you look at the time? If you have your heart set on a Harley that wonR...[Read More]

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