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Meet the Pwn Plug

Meet the Pwn Plug

The innocuous little device on the right is a company’s worst nightmare, unless they have sanctioned its use with their network. Called the Pwn Plug, created by a company called Pwnie Express, this innocent-looking contraption plugs into a network and is pre-loaded with an array of hacking tools that are intended to allow access to the network infrastructure.

The Pwn Plug is designed for use in remote testing network security and the company that makes it counts Fortune 50 companies and the US Department of Defense among their clients. The drop-box can be easily inserted into a network, allowing an off-site tester to probe and examine the security of any given network. Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello says, “The whole point is plug and pwn. Walk into a facility, plug it in, wait for the text message. Before you even get to the parking lot you should know it’s working.”

Pwnie Express is offering the Pwn Plug drop-boxes for sale with prices ranging from $520 to $960, depending on which model customers need to check that their infrastructure is working as it should.

Source: Ars Technica

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