Xiaomi introduces its True Wireless Headphones 3 Pro earbuds


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi introduced the latest addition to their wireless earbuds range yesterday. The True Wireless Headphones 3 Pro is the latest AirPods clone to hit the market and are the direct successor to the — yep you guessed it — True Wireless Headphones 2 Pro.

It seems like Xiaomi is upping production of their personal audio accessories lately. Not so long ago, in May the company launched the Flipbuds Pro, which was its first set of buds with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It used a 3-mic system and offered up to 40dB of noise reduction. Xiaomi has carried the same setup over to the 3 Pros but with a new design and 3 colour options, black, white and forest green. These new buds are also, apparently, smaller and lighter than the previous generation.

New features mean they’ll sound better, right Xiaomi?

The big feature that Xiaomi is pushing with the 3 Pros is the new LHDC 4.0 audio codec. When compared to Qualcomm’s aptX codec, which can currently manage up to 576 kbits/s with aptX HD, the new LHDC can provide up to 900 kbits/s.

Put very simply, bigger number = better sounding doef doefs.

The True Wireless Headphones 3 Pro (which can be a bit misleading because they’re definitely buds, not headphones) also come equipped with Xiaomi’s take on spatial audio. A clever way to make it seem like whatever you’re listening to is all around you.

Other handy features include wired charging via USB-C and wireless charging. While they’re only rated to go up to six hours with ANC turned off, the new case is where they’ll receive the rest of their 33-hour playtime juice.

Despite all the features, and in true Xiaomi fashion, the True Wireless Headphones 3 Pro will start at the equivalent of around $92, or R1,385 (converted at the time of writing and not official SA pricing, mind you). They’re available in China now and will be released globally on 9 October. We’ve seen many Xiaomi products land on our shores so hopefully, these will be among those incoming, and with reduced local pricing. 

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