Microsoft has leaky pipes, Windows 11 leaked ahead of official unveiling


People are really bad at keeping secrets these days. The next iteration of the Microsoft-developed operating system, Windows 11, has already leaked just a week before the official reveal at a virtual event set for 24th June 2021. Get your heaps of salt ready as we take a look.

Windows 11

Windows 11 installation

If this leaked build is legitimate (all signs point to that being the case) then the name of Microsoft’s new OS will indeed be Windows 11 as many people suggested. This leak also gives us a look at some of the new UI updates Windows 11 has in store.

Windows 11 changes

Right out of the gate users will notice a newly designed Out-Of-Box-Experience (OOTB) with overhauled visuals of the installation wizard.

Windows 11

Your new Windows 11 desktop

The taskbar and start menu are the biggest difference most users will notice. By default, the taskbar icons will be centred, not unlike MacOS, the operating system in Apple laptops.

Windows 11

The new start menu, maybe the biggest change

The start menu will open up in the centre of your screen, hovering just above the taskbar but you can change this in the settings to open up on the left of your screen.

Windows 11

File Explorer gets a facelift

Other changes include new animations, icons and some changes to the window snapping feature where you can divide your screen space up between different apps. There’s also a new startup sound.

Windows 11

The Windows snapping feature gets an update

As with most leaks, and especially with early builds of Windows, some of the changes highlighted here are still subject to change…again. So don’t go placing any wild bets on this being the version of Windows that Microsoft officially unveils at their event.

Source: Bleeping Computer


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