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Now that the world has tentatively opened itself up a bit more than it was last year, things are moving again. People are going back into offices, meetings, work from home hubs, and so on. We’re on the go, and so are our laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, and all their techy trimmings. That’s why you need a good bag, and these are our favourites.

Black Thule Accent Laptop Bag 15.6 

R2,999 | Thule Store SA

The Thule Accent 15.6” laptop bag is a versatile, 2-in-1 briefcase that easily converts into a backpack for business travel.

Most people know that if you want a quality laptop bag, you go to Thule. This little pack of theirs is all about versatility. Inside, there are a number of neatly organised slots and compartments ready to house everything from laptops, to cables, to sunglasses. And naturally, it’s littered with handy external compartments too. What’s really great about this bag is that you can freely turn it from a backpack, to a briefcase, to a satchel simply by clipping on or off a strap or two and rotating it, letting you tailor the bag to your comfort and style. It also slips handily on to a rolling luggage bag when you’re travelling. Perfect for business, casual, and travel. Plus, it’s very easy on the eyes.

Samsonite Glaehn Backpack 31.75cm/12.5 inch 

R2,400 | House of Samsonite

What this bag lacks in size it makes up for in style. Samsonite’s Glaehn backpacks are styled after messenger bags. They’re made of a durable, but pliable and lightweight material, and are adorned with subtle but still attractive details. You’re not going to get crazy space or thousands of slots on the inside, but there’s enough to efficiently suite your daily needs.

Targus CityLite Pro

R1,500 | Targus via Takealot

This Targus bag is built for protection. Thanks to its patented “dome shock distribution system”, your laptop is protected exactly where it needs to be, ensuring survival even if the chaos of your day leads to an unfortunate droppage. There’s plenty of room on the inside, and, if you’ve got a power bank, there’s a port to pass your USB charger through so you can power your phone on the go. Like the Thule, this bag can shapeshift into a briefcase too, and can easily attach to your rolling luggage when you’re taking trains or planes again. 

Lenovo ThinkBook Bag 

R940 | Lenovo via

Though you don’t need a ThinkBook to get the most out of this bag, the Lenovo ThinkBook Bag has been designed to enhance the aesthetic of its matching device. This stylish back accessory is made with fine fabric, kitted with leather accents. There are several external pockets, including a sneaky theft-proof back pocket to keep your valuables safe. The PC compartment will fit most laptops and notebooks, and is cushioned for protection and comfort.

Urban Groove Lifestyle Backpack 17.3 

R1,300 | American Tourister South Africa

Groovy indeed. This backpack has the usual conveniences of a laptop carrier, including a spacious interior with several smaller pockets, three external pockets, and even a slot for your water bottle. Aside from that, it looks great, with a particularly cool design decorating the interior. American Tourister is a slightly less-expensive sub-brand by one of our favourites, Samsonite. So you’ll get the quality expected from Samsonite, with the pricetag you’d expect from American Tourister. 

Samsonite 2WM Laptop Backpack 15.6

R2,700 | Samsonite

According to Samsonite, 2WM stands for 2-wheel mobility, meaning that this laptop bag is tailored to those who make their goings and comings on bikes, motorised or not. As such, it sports a laptop compartment and several others inside, a multitude of external compartments, and there’s even a nifty port you can string a USB charger through.  This bag is decked with ergonomic shoulder straps and a series of easy-to-use straps and buckles to make sure you don’t end up dumping all your kit on the road while you ride. 

Everki ContemPRO 117 Laptop Backpack

R2,500 | EVERKI

Everki has hardcore gamers in mind with this backpack. It’s big, so there’s plenty of room for all of your gaming gadgets. There’s a slot for your laptop, a rung for a pair of headphones, a few compartments for notebooks, handhelds, and the like, even a slot for a keyboard. On the outside, there’s room for a bottle, and a slot underneath with a rain cover for when you’re out and about and the weather takes a turn. It also slides easily onto a rollable luggage handle, making it perfect for travel.

Wenger TechPack

R3,000 |Incredible Connection

The Wenger TechPack is for those of you who need every device on hand all the time. Aside from a simple laptop segment, the TechPack has customisable dividers capable of providing space for cameras, headphones, portable audio interfaces, chargers, cables, cellphones, etc. etc. And there are even straps suited for carrying a tripod if you need it. Aside from that, this thing is sturdy, with built in rain cover and a cable in the top handle. Reliability is essential when you’re handling this much equipment, after all. 

Thule Crossover Backpack 21L

R2,500 | Thule Store SA

This backpack is slick, solid, and kitted out with more than enough slots and compartments for all your essentials. There’s a spacious laptop slot, a padded tablet slot, and an additional internal compartment for snacks, books, and cables. On the outside there are a few pockets for small items, and a “crush proof safe zone” for valuables like sunglasses. There’s also a quaint zipper on the back panel that lets you reach into the tablet section without opening the main compartment. Add some comfy padded shoulder straps and water-resistant fabric to that and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet pack right there.

13in Laptop sleeve

R300 | Typo

Now, this isn’t a backpack, but it is a great laptop carrier on a budget. This laptop sleeve from Typo is padded for your electronics’ protection, and is made of a light, comfy cotton available in a range of stylish colours. It also comes with an external pocket for notebooks, pens, and the like. This is perfect on its own or as a dedicated laptop slot in a bag without one. 


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